27 years young. 4'11. Portland, Oregon. Tattoo enthusiast. In a fully committed, relationship to the father of my daughter. Corgi life.

Also, I'm a sarcastic asshole.



is there any ellen fandom bc i want to join.

Isn’t all of Tumblr the Ellen fandom?

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What do I put quotes on?


I can hear frankie in the bedroom…

and I SWEAR she just said, “hello dad”.


4 years.


I never thought I would see that number.

Especially considering the last 6 months.

But here we are… 4 years later. Still doing this thing.

One year ago, I was pregnant, and only weeks away from giving birth.


ciaradotrad replied to your post “So my son thinks he’s a cat sometimes. It’s like a split personality….”

But that’s cute!

Haha! Yeah it is, but next thing I know he’ll be marking his territory.

my daughter marks her territory… I’m just hoping it’s on accident. Haha.

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ciaradotrad replied to your post: TDAP

People are assholes. But I didn’t ask anyone to get shots before being around my child. Most of the vaccines shed anyways, so there’s a time period where they can’t be near the children. I just asked everyone to wash their hands.

I’m mostly…

Ha, I must have been the complete opposite! I was like “everyone! Come over and see what I made! It’s beautiful!”

So… they all did! Especially since I had the first grand baby, of my closest friends/family members/parents friends/my boy friend side too. But really, hygiene is the most important part. I would worry more about bringing babies in public, than relatives.

HOWEVER! You are entirely right about kissing on the mouth. It’s the easiest way to accidentally spread mouth herpes because you just don’t think about it. 

Truly blessed with amazing friends!

kenajames read that I was stressed out about Frankie’s outfits. Because I couldn’t find any, or ones that seemed right. So she made Frankie the MOST adorable tutu and head band. Seriously… so cute. I squealed! 

Now, when I get off work today, I get to meet up with my Mindee Jo and make more party stuff! :) ALL THE FOX STUFF. :)

This party, is going to be adorable. I can’t wait. I also am NOT looking forward to finishing the rest of the cider bottles. That shits a bitch. But really, that makes the party. It’s so close to the cider in the movie, that it’s awesome.

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And I don’t know, don’t know, if we belong together or apart, except that my soul lingers over the skin of you.
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