27 years young. 4'11. Portland, Oregon. Tattoo enthusiast. In a fully committed, relationship to the father of my daughter. Corgi life.

Also, I'm a sarcastic asshole.

My baby is naked a lot



In two weekends… and then about a week or two after that for Frankie’s 1st birthday! :) YAY!!!!!!!!!

kenajames were still doing photos! Which is I why I said for afternoon! The beach is free so frankie and I are just driving back that morning. :) Honestly, if we even go. I’m not sure I want to make the drive with just myself and frankie.


Pooping at work sucks, especially if you’re super bloated and full of gas like I am. :/ this is the only time I truly hate public bathrooms.


I’m 3 weeks old today!

21 Days of late nights, sweet baby noises, diaper changes. 21 Days of breastfeeding every hour, skin to skin cuddles, kissing your tiny nose. 21 Days of pure goodness.

You fit into our lives so perfectly it’s like you’ve been here forever my sweet Ellie Lu.

How will you be a month old in 8 days?

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